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All The Questions

What does CYO stand for?

We’re all about make-up your way and that doesn’t stop at the products, even our name is up to you. Create, Colour, Call Your Own. Let’s Make It Up Together…

Who are CYO products for?

Want to break hearts, rules and boundaries? Want to freefall out of your comfort zone and highlight every perfect imperfection? Create limitless looks and finishes with versatile make-up? Then CYO is for you. Wait, it’s for everyone! Be A Make-up Maverick, Let’s Make It Up Together…


We reckon our products have pretty smart uses; they’re insanely versatile and multi-tasking. We want to help you use them in new ways to create cool looks and finishes. That’s why we came up with #MIXLAYERHACK™, to help you do just that. Giving you the freedom to create. Be a Make-up Maverick. Create, Colour, Call It Your Own. Let’s Make It Up Together…

I am a beauty enthusiast and want to share the CYO love, how can I get involved?

Awesome to hear head over to our Instagram @CYOCosmetics now and send us a DM.

Why can’t I have my cake and eat it?

SAYS WHO?? What else can you do with cake?

CYO products look awesome, where can I get my hands on them?

Right now in the USA - You can browse through and complete your purchase over at, don't worry we'll take you there automatically from your fave product. We're available in a selected amount of stores across the country too. Take a look on by selecting 'find at a store' on your products of choice or get in touch here for store locations. We’re available in a selected amount of stores across the country too. 

Is CYO only available in the USA?

You had it hot off the press, first in line - we're now sharing the CYO love across the pond in the UK & ROI.

I’ve got an order query, how can it be answered?

When it comes to the lowdown on stuff like; ordering, availability, delivery, it’s our friends at
Walgreens who are the ones in the know, head over to their website for all the answers. (

What do I feed my unicorn?

Gluten-free rainbow cake, obvs.

The price listed on the CYO website is different to what I’ve been charged, why is that?

The prices shown on our website are recommended retail prices (RRP). Occasionally we have special offers and promotions running direct with the retailer, at the point of checkout, pricing may change to reflect this. Your order will be processed based on the retailer price.

Are product prices online the same as prices in store?

No. Pricing may differ online and in-store. Store Pickup/Web Pickup orders will be priced and charged using the online pricing.

Breakfast of champions?

Kale & raspberry smoothie. Last night’s pizza. Everything in moderation right?

I tried CYO but I’m not happy, now what?

Say whaaaaat? Tell us more...

Tell me, what’s in CYO products?

Easy; find your must have, check out each products information page to see a full ingredients list.

How long do CYO products last after opening?

Just like us, they’re all different. Grab your pack and look for the period after opening jar icon with a number inside e.g. 12m to check.

Where are CYO products made?

We’ve worked up a sweat of pigments and pearls travelling around the world to bring you the CYO range, check out each product pack for more info on the country it is made in.

Do CYO test on animals?

No way, that’s not our style. We don’t test nor commission any animal testing on our products nor ingredients.

Do CYO products contain palm oil?

Yes, we’re proud of our standards of responsible sourcing at CYO HQ. Certified sustainable palm oil is used in the manufacture of CYO products and our manufacturers are members of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and are working to increase the use of full supply chain certified palm oil materials.

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